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Experience maft as a dynamic digital space showcasing the vibrant hues of Mediterranean talent. We amplify voices, spotlight exceptional individuals, and foster growth.

Our mission.

Based, rooted and deeply embedded within Tunisia's cultural fabric, our arms extend to embrace the broad spectrum of global creativity. maft transcends the conventional platform definition; we are an ever-evolving collective. Representing eclectic fashion brands, visionary, creative, and dynamic entrepreneurs form the heart of our mission. As one, we weave captivating narratives of unfettered creativity, each thread narrating its unique tale. Venture with us as we meticulously weave the expansive tapestry of global fashion, each stroke gleaming with the essence of Mediterranean innovation.


We offer services where we combine strategic thinking and innovative ideas to improve your brand. We have a strong track record of empowering fashion brands, designers, and creative projects and thrive in diverse cultural landscapes. Our tailored B2B solutions combine strategic insight, creativity, and finesse. Let us tell a fantastic story for your brand, boost your visibility, and help you succeed!



At maft Magazine, we ignite the spirit of Mediterranean creativity, fostering and promoting talented individuals through our distinctive perspective and unique lenses. Our aim is to produce engaging content that explores the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the creative industry. By shining a spotlight on Mediterranean fashion, we offer an online space where fashion designers and entrepreneurs can share their unique journeys and express their voices through evocative editorials and captivating narratives. Join us in cultivating a vibrant fashion culture that embraces diverse cultural backgrounds and rich identities.



In the realm of distribution, a digital sanctuary is graced with exquisite designs. Brands and artisans converge, their creations resplendent, bridging the divide between desire and acquisition. Our e-shop breathes life into visions, unraveling the complexity of creativity. For style seekers, a trove of wonders unfolds where their coveted dreams become tangible realities. A curated selection awaits discerning souls—a symphony of talent, masterpieces unveiled. maft's pop-ups ensnare hearts, enchanting all who dare to dream.

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